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Abdelalim Amine Slimani
ABOUT Born in Morocco in the late 90s, self taught and shooting since 2009. I split my time generally with my friends sharing new ideas and dreams, transform them throw my lens as a final image so i could inspire my fans.​

My work is also featured in a number of Online publications worldwide. like 500px & The World Photography Organization, Abduzeedo​.. etc.

Here is what others have to say :
‘A talented and extraordinary young Moroccan photographer Abdelalim Amine Slimani. Unconventional subjects, heavy use of black and white and a magnetic high dynamic range breathtaking mood in every image make Abdelalim Amine Slimani’ photographic style truly original and recognizable whatever genre he works in (including portraiture, fine art, and commercial photography’ )
GEAR Konica Minolta Dimage A2, Tripod, Uv filter 50 mm.
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