Photo Contest Beautiful Bridges
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Each country and each city has them: bridges. New York’s Brooklyn Bridge is maybe one of the most popular photo motives ever. And don´t forget London’s Tower Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Your bridge may be anywhere in the world – as long as your picture sets our Jury on fire !

Take part in IOQUI’s ‘Beautiful Bridges’ Competition. Once we have received 500 pictures the Jury will be asked to select the winner, who will receive a GoPro HERO4 SILVER.
Photo Contest Beautiful Bridges
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    Eloa Defly
    Eloa Defly "My life changed considerably the day I wore eyeglasses to correct my myopia. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the world we live in is. Now I can’t imagine having my sight taken away from me. Being an architecture student in Asia, Macau S.A.R. China is being an amazing experience, enriching my knowledge and creativity. Meanwhile, I’ve developed interest and talent as a graphic designer freelancer that from my point of view only complements the realization of projects I work on. Overall, life has been taking me to unique places around the world and by capturing these moments I feel granted the opportunity to immortalize beauty. The world is made of infinite things to see, create and explore."
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