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Radio City Music Hall, New York, United States of America
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About the photo We make art to support our journey, we want to understand and communicate it This connect us with the viewer, building a bridge where there was nothing before. Through my work I encourage a dialogue about the fears, aspiration, interest and passion of humanity seen as a whole I have the opportunity to travel from a very young age. Always been interested in how man inhabit and call home every corner of this planet, I see myself with the mission to interpret it in my own way I believe that with enough effort and work, I would force life into the picures, accomplishing to communicate in that way, what it cannot be seen. Every photograph is created searching this state, always in the persue of a perfection that is never obtain What motivate me is the promise of happiness and meaning that it is find in the act of creation, but that it also disappear toward the completion of the work, leaving one with the feling of the uncompleted task. As it has been said, art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. but this also is what bear the weight for life itself My aim to bring closer any observer to a vision of the men as a part of something bigger and comprehensive. I attempt to remove the veil from the everyday life, showing using simple elements, the work of men, its this form , and what is made of. Reality many times nonetheless is not enough to portray the density and the wideness of the vivid experience, that it is where the camera and the image process have a place, allowing me to express thing the way I feel. The message of humanity, if we can talk of such thing, is in not putting barriers, in daring it all, in claiming by effort the wold heritage, my photography seek the same.
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